Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Food: Feat. Hifumi @ Plaza Singapura

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant: This restaurant is located at the top floor of the new extension of Plaza Singapura, which makes it an unlikely impromptu lunch spot unless you are really very undecided on where to eat. There are just so many food choices on the other floors and all over Plaza Singapura!

I was quite surprised to see the reviews and my friends telling me that Hifumi has long queues - when I was there, it was almost only half-filled at lunch time (around 12 plus) - and there was only a short queue of one group of people when I left. It was a Sunday, by the way.

What attracted me to try Hifumi: It really looks very modern, has a lot of choices, and the price is within my acceptable range (ie. $10 - 18). Above all, there was this eat-all-you-can appetizer bar with every set meal you buy!

Colorful vegetables! Are you more of a herbivore or carnivore?

There are soups, rice crackers, fruits, yams, sweet potatoes - many things you can choose from and this is only just the appetizer bar. For appetizers, it is priced at $10.99++ per person. Don't miss out on the yummy Sweet Potatoes and tasty Pomegranate Jelly with fruits at the appetizers.

Other photos of the menu

Chicken Oyakuni Set - $13++: It was really quite salty for me, and it seems like there were many eggs used inside this entire dish. By the time I finished the appetizers and three-quarters of this, I was feeling quite full already from it. There were also pieces of chicken and onions inside this. The rice portion was also insufficient to complement this salty dish.  The dish was less than satisfactory, in my opinion. Would try something else instead next time, if I come back.

Refillable drinks are an additional $1.99++.

Do note that there is also a limited eating time of 90mins.

68 Orchard Road
Plaza Singapura 238839

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